This is a mantra created by Kelly Rae Roberts that I absolutely love. Simply put, what comes up for us on the canvas also comes up for us in life, and when we’re willing to truly allow and surrender to the process of creating art, we inevitably let love in.

I’ve captured the essence of those lessons in the “Let Art Out, Let Love In” sections. May they speak to your soul, and inspire you to consider how painting is so much more than just putting some paint on a canvas – that it’s a much deeper journey, an excavation of who we are and who we want to become.

I’m taking her e-course right now. I have been inspired and intimidated by her work for a few years now. Her mantra paintings are powerful and make me want to be a better artist and intuitive creator. So when I saw that she was offering a course where I could learn everything that she knows and her creative process, of course I signed up immediately.

It’s going to be an incredible journey, I can’t wait.