This year I set out on a mission… to find my authentic creative voice. So I’ve been taking courses from many inspiring artists. I have loved the work of Flora Bowley for a long time and finally decided to take her Bloom True E-Course.

I was so ready to stretch my creative heart to make brave, intuitive, stunning work that represented my own style. The first part of the course is exciting, fun and fairly easy. I had so much fun dripping, spraying, stamping and playing with paint and making marks for the juicy backgrounds. I did it for several weeks. But then it came time to making commitments with paint and I froze!

Every time I tried to add imagery I just didn’t like what I made. So I sat back and really tried to figure out where my blocks were coming from. You see I never was the type to paint or draw realism, so making my imagery look recognizable or too real was really blocking my create mojo!

These paintings are extremely evident of the Flora Bowley’s inspiration. And I’m OK with that as they are what I call ‘homework’ pieces. But read my next post to see how I’ve had my creative breakthrough…