I was learning from my favorite mixed media teacher Tamara Laporte. She has many classes, but a lovely free one for all her website visitors. Of course I devour anything she puts together, so I signed up immediately. Even though I’m currently doing her Life Book course, it was a day when I just wasn’t done creating in the studio and I wanted more.

So I tuned into her free course and this is the result of her teaching.

I love the way a painting transpires. I started this one only with the intention of using some matching paper and stamps, as it is a way I love to begin a project with just a little bit of direction. So with my stamp set and patterned paper on hand I began.

You might notice that in my pieces I almost ALWAYS have torn book pages and music pages. Music is another love o f mine. I don’t do much without it! The torn book pages on this particular piece were very important for the piece. As I read the words on the pages… like “open the heart” “heart energy”, I began to know what the theme of the piece was going to be.

Then, after completing the piece the name for this blog and my new art teaching business came to me and Whole Hearted Art was born.