Wow… does this quote ever resonate with me today! In a few short weeks we will be “Embracing Possibility” by moving to Houston, Texas from Edmonton, Canada! Yes, you read right. My husband has received a promotion through his work and they’ve offered him an amazing opportunity in Houston!

I’m excited for this move because I feel it will give me the chance to really commit to being a working artist. And boy do I have big plans!

You know when you are stuck and you can’t seem to find a way to make your dreams come true? I’m taking this new opportunity by the “Houston Horns” so to speak and I’m going to charge it like a raging bull – full steam ahead focusing on daily art in my life and a thriving art business.

The house we are renting is very artsy with gorgeous natural light, an inner courtyard/zen garden and a HUGE studio and office space for me. I can’t wait to fill up the space with creative love and joy.

I remember when I moved into our current house, my studio was the very first room I unpacked and set up! I imagine this will be the same in Houston.

I’m also very excited to have nice weather all year round! This will allow me to pursue a very important part of my art which I’ll fill everyone in on later. It involves doing art in public spaces though so good weather is key! I can’t wait to share this new journey with you. Stay tuned for details!