I love the new year!!! I cherish the opportunity for growth, change, evaluation, setting new goals and intentions and changing course. I’m weird in that I really like change. I get bored easy, so I thrive on it I think. That’s why this year I have filled my schedule with a LOT of creative projects. You see, this year I have signed up for 4, yes 4, online art classes. And the beauty of all of them is that they are FREE! I love a good deal and free is the best deal you can get!

Class 1 – Lifebook 2015 with Tamara Laporte

I won a blog hop contest from Donna Downey for Lifebook 2015. This is usually around $170 cdn to join, which I did last year. And I liked it but realized half way through that it was a bit too whimsical for me. So now that I’ve learned that, this year I am going to be putting my own personal style into the projects, so they aren’t quite so whimsical. I love the opportunity to learn from so many artists! And it is such a welcoming and supportive group. It really gives me the warm fuzzies.

Class 2 – Paint and Chronicle with Suzi Blu

I found Suzi Blu 5 years ago when I wanted to get back to art. See I love female figures and Suzi taught me how to draw the female face and how to add mixed media backgrounds to make a painting. So when I came across this cool private Facebook group she was leading, I was intrigued. This is different than any other art journaling group I’ve seen and that’s the way Suzi planned it. It is more about the writing and connecting with your inner self, than the beauty of your pages. She’s incorporated a planner aspect so it’s also a great way to keep on track and set goals and really focus on what matters most in life. With weekly prompts for writing it’s really a great combination and I’m loving it so far. Some people are truly putting their hearts on their sleeve and sharing some pretty big stuff with this community. But I think it is helping them.

Class 3 – Document Life Project with Art5 Academy

I heard about this class from Suzi Blu who assured us that this is much more about the painted page and your creativity. So I checked it out and for me, as I am always looking to learn new techniques, processes and supplies, it was a great fit. This community is very big, but very inspiring with 3 teachers to learn from each week. Such a treasure trove of creative juices!

Class 4 – Journal 52 

This is a group that has been running for a few years. I think it’s kind of one of the first art journalling community groups. I love it’s simplicity. Just a one word prompt to put your creative energy into. There are almost 10,000 people in this group! So when you post your work, you get many likes and comments of encouragement. For those who struggle if their work is good enough, it’s such a confidence booster!

Now each of these groups does their prompt on a different day. Which is perfect because then I don’t feel overwhelmed with all the prompts in my head all at once. But this way I have a lot of variety, which I felt I didn’t have last year only doing Lifebook. So the outlook for 2015 is already very bright as I have reasons daily to make art. And that is where my spirit shines the brightest. I love waking up and looking at my Facebook feed to see all the posts of people’s work. It is such a great way to start the day and to be inspired!