Wow! I finally did it. I joined Marie Forleo’s B-School! I’ve been a fan girl of Marie for a few years now. I love the way she delivers her content and her feisty spirit. She is a woman I look up to and admire for her drive and passion for helping people build a life and a business they love. I got an email from one of my other beloved gurus – Gabrielle Berntsein. When I get an email from Gabby I ALWAYS open it. And this day there was a special gift from her if you signed up to B-School you got her special bonuses. Well… that promoted more investigation into B-School.

A bit of a back story… I’ve been looking for work here in the US for a few weeks and with each tiresome day I was left feeling very lost. How could I go back to work for someone else after being an entrepreneur for the past 4 years. How could I have to punch someone else’s clock? I would have to commute, and be someone else’s work dog for a paycheck. It all seemed so daunting and depressing. Add to that the fact that I know in my heart of hearts what I am put on this earth to do. And that is to paint and to teach others to unleash their creative joy and let the stresses of life flow out of them to find peace. I know I need to create and build my Whole Hearted Art business – the right way. I would go to sleep at night thinking of all the other artists I admire who are running thriving online businesses doing exactly what I want to do.

So… I mulled it over for a few nights. The final night before I made the decision was a sleepless one! After being up at 3 am I watched several testimonials from B-School grads and how the program changed their life and their business. One thing that really stood out for me was how many women said their confidence changed. And after the year I’ve had I could sure use a confidence boost!