This was actually a very challenging week for me in the studio. I started on Friday afternoon on two new projects made from wooden boards I picked up from the Dollar Store. I saw them and instantly knew they would be great canvases for mixed media art. So I launched into collaging and painting each of them in the evening. My mantra for the night was “Embrace the Chaos”.

I think I was already feeling a bit off kilter so that didn’t help my mood. After spending a few hours in the studio I went to bed not happy with what I had started, but hopeful that the next day would be better. In the morning, instead of going back to the two wood planked pieces, I thought I would lift my spirits by doing one of my favorite classes from Lifebook 2014 . The Spray Ink Goddess. I loved this one so much and thought it would be the perfect way to get me out of my funky place. Well after 3 attempts to make the profile face I was even more frustrated.

I have been learning to draw faces for over 5 years and these faces I was putting out were awful! So I gave up on those projects and went back to the wood pieces I’d started on Friday night. I kept playing with collage ideas and then remembered the teachings of Kelly Rae Roberts about pulling the colours from your collage items into the piece to create cohesion. So I found this huge image of a moth from a calendar I grabbed, also from the Dollar Store on a recent trip. And it fit perfectly on the bottom of my piece. I then got excited about adding orange since there was a tiny bit of orange in the wings. After some effort I was finally happy with the final result. I “embraced the chaos” and just kept trudging through.

It was a good lesson on surrendering when things aren’t working and moving onto another project. Thankfully I have been taking so many online courses lately so that I have all of these videos to use and other projects to keep my mind on. I finished the day feeling very pleased. Being happy creating art is the best feeling in the world for me. It truly does make my soul-shine.