It seems every weekend DH and I end up needing to grab something from our local dollar store. Whether it’s batteries, dish towels, extension cords or dish soap. We seem to have a reason to go there every weekend. We go so often that I’ve converted DH to being a big fan and he now tries to come up with things we need so we can go!

Of course I always have to go through the craft aisle. As a mixed media artist there is always something that can be useful to me in the studio. This past weekend I came across these wood bird frames. They were high up on a shelf and caught my eye because we were looking at picture frames to frame some of my work for an upcoming trade-show.

So I pulled this one off the shelf and instantly knew it would make a great piece for this new collection I am starting that involves frames. So I grabbed a few others off the shelf, as I like to work in two’s or three’s, only to realize that there were 2 more different bird shapes for me to play with. So I went though a good batch to make sure I didn’t miss any other bird versions until I had chosen the 3 types that they had.

To have a look at the finished piece check out this video!